Apple Is The First Company Worth $ 1 Trillion

Apple yesterday recorded history as the first company worth $ 1 trillion (~ RM 4.07 trillion). The share price of Apple shares is now at $ 207.39 after the market closed and qualifies as the first company to have this very high value. The company closest to Apple is now Amazon with a value of […]

Pictures Of Three Devices For iPhone 2018 Leaked

The launch of the latest iPhone model is highly anticipated every year as many want to see what innovation will be introduced by Apple. Generally known this year three models will be launched with one of them using the LCD screen. Three dummy devices for iPhone 2018 have been drilled through @ VenyaGeskin1’s account and […]

Apple Patent Devices That Can Detect Other Devices Wirelessly

Wireless charging has existed over the last decade but has just begun to become popular again after the use of smart devices. Apple is among the most prolific manufacturers supporting non-wired charging with its introduction last year. They have however patented the non-direct charging system between devices. With this patent, a MacBook Pro can charge […]

Apple iPhone X Now Available At Price Less than RM4000!

Apple had previously come up with their premium smartphone, named iPhone X. At launch, it brought a price tag of RM5149, and from month to month we saw it offered at a discounted price. Today, via the 11Street platform, the iPhone X is now available for less than RM4,000. As many people know, the iPhone […]

iPhone 2018 With LCD Screen May Be Launched One Month Late Than OLED Version

This year Apple is believed to be launching three new models with two OLED panels and one with LCD panel. The iPhone 2018 with 6.1 “LCD screen will be the most affordable model but has a nirframe design and Face ID system. Analysts from Morgan Stanley now say sales of this model may be over […]