Instagram Testing Emoji Shortcut Access On Comment Space

Instagram regularly tests new features and functionality on their apps. They recently introduced functions to not waste time. Whereas before, notification was given if a friend was online. Latest – Instagram is testing emoji shortcut access in comment space. If you see, screen recording at the top is an old comment space, while the bottom […]

WhatsApp Business Users Will Be Charged

Through WhatsApp Business, business owners can interact with clients more professionally. There is an automation on the messaging system enabling quick answers to common questions and sending messages to customers as traders are busy to serve customers. WhatsApp today announces traders will begin to be charged for using some of these application functions. First of […]

Group Video And Voice Calls Now Available On WhatsApp

Last May when the F8 event, WhatsApp announced the group’s voice and video calling function. With this function, four users can chat simultaneously via the WhatsApp application. This function was finally activated this morning. To use this function the user should only start a voice or video call. Once started they can add new members […]

LinkedIn Added Support Sending Voice Messages On Android And iOS

Sending voice messages can be said to be very popular among WeChat users, as well as using WhatsApp users. Now, the LinkedIn side does not want to miss out on it, and has added support for voice message delivery. Through this support, LinkedIn users can easily reply to a message with a voice message up […]

Firefox Testing the Ability to Prevent Audio Plays Automatically When Surfing the Web

Today, there are several websites that play audio or video automatically – sometimes causing users to be surprised. Some web browsers have previously included support to prevent audio from being played automatically, and now Mozilla is expected to do the same via Firefox. Through Firefox Nightly, Mozilla has now started testing the option to mute […]