The screen on smartphones is getting bigger today. With the use of framed designs, the device’s glass screen can now extend beyond the 90% of the front surface of the device. Therefore the probability that it will crack if the fall also increases. The cost of replacing it is very high. Samsung announced an OLED panel that broke their burst today.

This flexible flexible OLED panel has been tested in the Underwriters Laboratory laboratory. The screen still works after falling from a height of 1.4 meters by 26 times. In the 1.8-meter drop test, no damage and glitch were seen on the screen.

This makes it more durable than the Gorilla Glass 6 that breaks down when it falls from a height of 1 meter by 15 times.

In order to produce this break-resistant OLED, the plastic substrates are used to replace the glass. Samsung is aiming for the use of this panel on smart devices, military, mobile consoles and tablets for use in the classroom.


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